Friday, October 19, 2012

How To Open Your Car Door By The Brooklyn Locksmith

Some times we forget our wallets, cell phones and various personal belongings in our cars and usually this is not an issue. But Other times we forget our keys and lock them in our cars or trucks. When this happens it can become a topic of concern as not only are we unable to gain entry to our automobiles, but sometimes we are in areas that are unsafe putting us at risk of physical harm.

As a Locksmith in Brooklyn we take great strides in helping people stay safe and one way to dio that is to arrive quickly to an emergency situation. Depending on circumstances being locked out of your car can be a big or small issue. We aim to explain How a Locksmith in Brooklyn will open your car as old methods such as the Slim Jim have become obsolete.

The ever popular Slim Jim Tool is no longer popular. The tool of choice for a locksmith in brooklyn is a tool called a long reach. This long reach tool is approximately 4 to 5 feet in diameter and acts as an extension of the arm for a locksmith in Brooklyn.

Plastic Wdge or Shim For Opening car DoorsThe way this works is with an air bag and a plastic wedge. These items are used to create a space between the door and the frame of the car and usually get used in sequential order with the plastic wedge as the initial tool used to create the space needed for the long reach to gain entry to the interior of the car.

The plastic wedge is shimmed in between the door and the frame and an airbag (similar to the bag a doctor uses to take blood pressure readings) will slide inside the space that was created by the shim and the shim will be pulled out as the air bag has now taken its place.
Air bag to open car door
Once we have the airbag in-between the door and frame we will begin to pump the bag with air so the door can expand outwards. Whats good about this is that it leaves very little room for damage as it is a soft technique which does not touch any mechanical mechanisms in your car door. It also is very unlikely, if done wright that this method will cause scratches on the the car. If you are lucky enough to find a car locksmith in brooklyn with real auto experience like myself, in most cases we don not need the first item that we used which was the plastic wedge or shim. We can make the airbag slide in-between the door and frame with just the airbag.

So now we have used the wedge and air bag what do we do now?

Long Reach Car Opening ToolNow is the fun part which is opening the door! With the air bag still in place and a the nice size space it has created for us we will begin to insert the Long Reach Tool. This tool is designed to function in many ways. The three easiest ways to open your car door when using the long reach are as follows.

Open Door With Car Key In Ignition.

If the car is turned on and the key is in the ignition it is very simple to open. Just take the Long Reach Tool and simply slide it threw the window with the angled end facing the door. Take the tip of the tool and make contact with the automatic window buttons assuming your car has electronic windows. If so as you make contact hold the long reach on the bottom part of the window button and apply downward pressure so we can take advantage of this feature and use it to bring the window down so we can open the door handle from the inside with our hand.

Key Locked In Car But Car Is Off!

For a seasoned locksmith in brooklyn this is not an issue but for the inexperienced this can cause a bit of a complication as you will be limited in your options to open the door and some car manufactures make it more complex by making numerous tasks for the opening of the car door before you can actually open it. If this is the only option the locksmith will go for electronic locks and unlock buttons as this can be the easiest way but like i said before many car manufactures have gone to great lengths to make it extremmley difficult to open. So as a locksmith we will look for clues and indications as to what triggers we can use to make the door open. This will take place after all methods have been exhuasted and no visible options are left.

The next option we have are the car door handles that open the door manually.  A Locksmith will try to hook the long reach tool to the handle and once hooked he will try to make an outward swing motion with the long reach tool and in many later model cars this will be enough to trigger the unlocking mechanisem and open your doors.

Like anything else openig cars and trucks takes experience. Even a Locksmith can have a hard time as the experience factor can play a great roll. In New York when we get cold rain we also get foged up windows. a Locksmith must be able to open the door with out seeing. You may think that this is impossible but with proper on the job traing and possibly years of experience this can be done.

What i do and what i highly recommend is carrying a spare key in a wallet or purse. This is what I do and this is what has prevented me from getting locked out of my car as i am always in a rush and i tend to forget to take my keys with me. - locksmith in Brooklyn